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Bruce W. Shackleton, Ed.D.Bruce W. Shackleton, Ed.D. Managing Director

Bruce W. Shackleton is an executive and career coach and business psychologist. For over thirty years, he has provided consultation on leadership, communications, stress management, career satisfaction and creative problem solving. He has worked extensively with family businesses, professional partnerships and executive teams to manage successful organizational change and leadership development. He also has extensive experience with environmental and forensic occupational problems. Dr. Shackleton is on the staff of McLean Hospital (Clinical Associate) and Harvard Medical School (Instructor, part-time)

Family Business Solutions (FBS) is a multidisciplinary professional practice for coaching, consulting and mediation services. FBS consultants include lawyers and other professionals who may provide certain law-related professional coaching, consulting and mediation practice services, but do not provide any form of legal services, legal consultation, legal advice, or legal representation. Clients are advised to obtain an Attorney for legal services, consultation, advice and representation, and may request referral options where appropriate.
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