Help With Family-Related Challenges

In our complex world, families can be a source of support, sustenance, and positive energy or systems creating strife, miscommunications, and negative emotions. We work with families to develop collaborative communication and problem solving. Miscommunications and conflict within families may be due to an ongoing process or a specific transition or crisis. At any stage in their development (newly married, long term with children, or facing disputes over issues of inheritance or care for an aging parent), we are available to help by offering an approach to developing new ways of communicating and reaching positive agreements through:

  • Personal and Family Coaching:
    • Relationship
    • Career
  • Marital and Family Mediation:
    • Estates and Trusts
    • Keeping family ties strong, even over a contested will — or contest of wills
  • Mending difficult relationships, at home
  • Building and fostering harmony, at home
  • Relieving stressful home environments
  • Building and fostering effective boundaries and balance between home and work.
  • Transforming a retirement into a dynamic "pro-tirement"

Contact us at your earliest convenience, so we can put a plan in place that helps make your family's dynamics work.

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