Scope of Practice

Family Business Solutions is a coaching, consulting and mediation services multi-disciplinary professional practice that may provide certain law-related professional coaching, consulting and mediation practice services, but does not provide any form of legal services, legal consultation, legal advice, or legal representation. The multidisciplinary service providers may include non-lawyers and lawyers, but none of them intends to or will render any form of legal services, legal consultation, legal advice, or legal representation in the performance and conduct of coaching, consulting and mediation beyond ordinary and/or legal information necessary and intended for effective consumer informed understanding and consideration.

Family Business Solutions is distinct and independent from any activities or entities that may provide other professional services, including activities or entities in which any of its principals or staff are involved and that may provide other professional services. Family Business Solutions also conforms to the provisions of Massachusetts Rules of Professional Conduct, including 5.7 Comment 9. Family Business Solutions may agree to provide only services that are not prohibited as unauthorized practice of law when provided by a non-lawyer.

Clients of Family Business Solutions should consult and seek legal advice or representation from a Member of the Bar who is an Attorney in good standing of your own choice, because Family Business Solutions and its professional staff do not provide this. When appropriate, when permissible, and when available to do so, Family Business Solutions and/or its principals and staff, may upon request provide referrals to Attorneys and/or to other ancillary services-providers or businesses which are not under the auspices of Family Business Solutions, or otherwise assist clients to find independent legal counsel in order to provide them necessary or desired legal services, including review and advice or representation in regard to any services or products rendered by Family Business Solutions.

Since PsyLaw Solutions does not provide legal services, the Ethical Rules for Attorneys, including Attorney-client privilege, do not apply and such protections and rights are inapplicable and ineffective. See Rule 5.7 Comments 4 and 6-8. No advertising or other communications, oral or in writing, are meant to imply otherwise.

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